Many card stock products and our full size catalogs are offered with a drill hole option. The card stocks offer a one-hole drill option. The size of the drill hole is 1/8". Full size catalog orders offer the option of a three hole binder style or five hole automotive style drill. The size of the binder style three hole drill is 1/4". The size of the automotive five hole drill is the standard auto industry catalog drill formation for a desk top multiple catalog rack.

It's important that file(s) you submit for card stock projects (those that offer the single drill hole option) have the specific drill hole location clearly identified in the art file(s). Art files for catalogs ordered with a three hole or five hole auto drill option should be designed so the drill holes do not cut into essential text copy or graphics. Art files submitted for orders requesting a single drill hole option that do not identify the drill hole location will be rejected and a new re-submitted art file may be requested. There is a fee for re-submitting art files different from the originally submitted order art files.

Quick Tip: A standard business card or custom cut (to a smaller net size) business card ordered with a single drill hole options makes a great clothing or product brand ID or price tag!